"Der Bienenfreund" von Hans Thoma 1863 gemalt.
Thoma war Professor an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste und von 1899 bis 1919 Direktor der Staatlichen Kunsthalle in Karlsruhe, wo das Gemälde im Original vorhanden ist. Bitte danach fragen, leider ist es wohl derzeit im Archiv, sonst, wenn man es sucht: im Hauptgebäude im Untergeschoss.

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Vorwort von Günter Friedmann (Imkermeister)
Selten sind die Gefühle, die uns Menschen anrühren, wenn wir den Bienen begegnen, so einfühlsam und anschaulich beschrieben, wie in diesem Gedicht von Hilde Domin.

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Honey Bees and Flowers - 18th - 20th June 2010

Honey Bees and Flowers : Biodynamic Bee Keeping with Michael Weiler Friday 18th – Sunday 21st June 2010

Inspiring bee keeper Michael Weiler will unlock some of the wondrous secrets
of the bee hive and show how the biodynamic bee keeping approach builds on
and respects the integrity and lawfulness of bee nature. Allowing bees to
swarm naturally and build their own comb is vital for their health. So too
is a stress-free and low toxin environment. Another problem facing our bee
population is the decline in available bee forage particularly in the
countryside where intensive farming practices tend to produce landscapes
devoid of flowers.   Bees and flowers belong together but we know little of
their mutual beneficence.  Could the availability of nectar and pollen from
certain flowers increase the immune resistance of a bee colony as well as
providing sustenance? The workshop will include an afternoon with herbalist
Nathan Hughes who will guide an exploration of some key bee plants and in so
doing perhaps inspire new research. There will also be opportunities during
the workshop to look at bee hives and see a working biodynamic farm.
Newcomers as well as seasoned bee keepers are very welcome.

On Friday evening there will be a public talk (included in the workshop) on
"Honey Bees and Humanity”
Michael Weiler is a biodynamic bee keeping advisor living in Germany. He has
managed his own apiary since 1982 and regularly gives lectures and courses
on biodynamic bee keeping. Nathan Hughes is a herbalist with an apothecary
at Ruskin Mill in Nailsworth.

For further informations please read this PDF

Bee workshop leaflet June 2010.pdf

Honey Bees and Flowers Leaflet
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